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Below is the dues payment form for the 2023 - 2024 Fiscal Year.

$359 - which is your IHQ, District, State and Chapter dues. 
- Breakdown: IHQ ($125), District ($19), and State ($15), Chapter ($200)

$234 - If you are a Life Member (LM). This includes District, State and Chapter dues.

$200 - If you are a LM on IHQ, District and State levels.

$159 - If you are one of the Brothers that raised or contributed $1K or you are a 50 plus year Brother. This amount excludes your Chapter dues however, you can still contribute your $200 Chapter dues to the Foundation. (MUST BE VERIFIED BY KRS)

If you were not financial last fiscal year your dues total is $365 ($362 which include $3 reinstatement fee.)

Alternative Payment options: CashApp - $PiIotaKRS  /

Pay Your Dues Here

2.9% + 0.30 USD Convenience fee is added

Which Dues Are You Paying?

Thank you for your payment!

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